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Integral Divinity Vision

Eric J Carlson

Eric J Carlson

Evolutionary Facilitator

Welcome to Integral Divinity!  This is a community of people who are making a positive impact on humanity, the evolution of the human race and the destiny of our species.  Our lives have been bombarded with new experiences as the world continues to morph into a technocracy.  Our freedom of speech has been blunted by “political correctness” as defined by social media.  Our communities have weak bonds because we prefer the digital community on our phones over the face to face contact with a real human being. 

Integral Divinity is here to promote stronger relationships between human beings that raise human consciousness and general awareness of our environments.  As an example, in February of 2019 I was in my local grocery store picking up some flowers for my wife and daughter for Valentines Day.  The selections were a bit picked over and as I grabbed a bouquet from the shelve a florist came up and said, “Do you like that one?” to which I responded, “Yes, but it’s a little beat up.” “Oh, no worries. You go do some shopping and I’ll pretty it up for you. Give me 10 minutes.”, she stated.  So, I went and did my shopping which took about 20 minutes and when I came back my bouquet looked brand new, fresh and stunning.  I couldn’t wait to deliver it to the two women in my life. 

This act of patience, compassion and professionalism inspired me to provide more than just a “Thank you”.  But, I didn’t have anything at the time.  This was a brand new location for the store and their customer feedback kiosk was not on the floor.  I thought to myself, “How can I better reinforce these wonderful acts of human nature?”.  As time went on I thought of providing a token.  I bought some tokens and they state, “The Divinity in Me Sees the Divinity in You”.  I thought that was an excellent way to reinforce behavior.  It immediately lets the person know that they touched me in a human way that encouraged gratefulness, appreciation, happiness, love and compassion.  Those feelings inspire togetherness and connection.

If you were drawn to this website through being gifted a token, thank you for your act of compassion, empathy and self-awareness! Also, please leave a comment below on how it was you came to receive a token. We would love to be inspired by your story. Feel free to give the token to another person who inspires you with their graciousness or act of love. Let’s keep perpetuating acts of good will across the globe and build behaviors that seek connection instead of division.

Our species needs more togetherness and connection.  We need to live at higher frequencies to transcend the fractured and constricting nature of our current reality.  We have to live in an expanded reality where there are more possibilities and closer relationships with family, friends, businesses and nature.  Integral Divinity will explore many topics that contribute to our experience and how important our connection to source is.  There will be no dogma here about one perspective or another.  That is too constrictive.  Instead all perspectives are welcome.  Freedom of speech will reign supreme and however you want to express the best of your human nature will be honored.

Thank you for joining us and please finds ways to connect.  I have no hopes, suspicions or dreams for this project.  All I want to do is touch as many people as I can with an opportunity.  An opportunity to contribute to our species in a positive way that will encourage our continued evolution and defend against the darkness that seeks to minimize our awareness and drive a spike through our communal nature.

May peace and compassion grace your heart and soul! 

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